Cost Effective High Speed Automation Solutions

High Speed Automation Discription

ACTRobots High Speed Automation systems are designed on the cutting edge and employ state of the art and reliable technologies that make integration in any manufacturing process easy and cost effective. All High Speed Automation designs include self diagnostics and alarms, along with a complete program structure that is ready to employ part specific routines. This can also be used in conjunction with other systems such as ACTView HMI, vision and laser scanners, and much more.

Typical High Speed Automation Designs

The typical ACTRobots High Speed Automation design employs robotic arms which manipulate the desired part through finishing media such as abrasive belts and wheels. However this is not the only option, the parts may be placed and stationed in a fixed position and the finishing media can be brought to the part. The combination of these two processes allows for the finishing of small and intricate features. An emphasis on media life is also placed, and most designs boast high media life and as a result further reduce manufacturing cost while simultaneously increasing efficiency.