Buffing Cells Photos

 16285 - Robotic Buffing Cell for Large Objects (ex. Piano)

ACT-16285 is a robotic buffing cell for large objects such as pianos, furniture, or metal housings where buffing media is manipulated on the object surface. Parts like pianos are loaded on the low profile high capacity rotary tables and locked in fixtures. Upon program execution robotic arm equipped with high power auto collet spindle buffs surfaces using various pads and buff wheels mounted on 1" (25 mm) diameter arbors docked in tool magazine. As part of buffing process the robot automatically rakes and evens out buff surfaces, and applies of 3 different compounds. Part rotates in synchronization with the robot motion program on the rotary table controlled by 7th or 8th servo axis of the robot controller. Buffs and pads are pressed against part surfaces with tightly controlled programmable force. Robot alters its motion path to maintain constant force against the part in closed loop force control function using feedback from force/torque sensor.

  • Robotic arm (150 kg payload)
  • Force control function and sensor
  • Servo driven auto collet spindle mounted to robot's EOA
  • High capacity servo driven low profile rotary table
  • Tool magazine with docking nests for buffing tools
  • Buffing tools including straight arbors of various lengths and 90deg attachments
  • Liquid compound spray system including tank, hose bundle on reel, spray gun arbor.
  • Compound application station with 3 different bar compound applicators, buff rake, buff sandpaper treatment plate
  • Human Machine Interface on teach pendant
  • Options

  • 2nd part rotary table
  • 2nd compound and buff treatment station

For more information, contact us at sales@actrobots.com

 14276 - Robotic Buffing Cell for Small Parts

ACT-14276 is a robotic buffing cell where smaller parts such as faucet fixtures or door hardware are handled by robotic arm and manipulated on buff wheels. Parts are picked up from one of two load drawers and buffed as programmed on up to 4 wheels with liquid or solid compound applied to the wheels automatically. Spray guns or solid compound applicators are mounted above or behind the wheels. Wheels are arranged in over/under configuration with top wheels recessed to give access to the bottom buffs.

  • Robotic arm (20-80 kg payload)
  • Two or three jaw gripper with signal pass-through mounted to robot's EOA
  • Four wheel head (5-10HP)
  • Liquid compound spray system with pressure pod or pump and continuous or pulse spray guns
  • Dual drawer part load mechanism
  • ACTView HMI Interface
  • Options:

  • Solid bar compound applicators
  • Wheel wear sensors
  • Other part load mechanisms

For more information, contact us at sales@actrobots.com