Deburring / Polishing: Hybrid (Part or Media) Photos

 12258 - Hybrid Deburring/Polishing Cell

ACT-12258 is a robotic deburring or polishing cell capable of processing parts such as blades, vanes, or gears by manipulating them against abrasive media as well as round parts like compressor disks by manipulating finishing media on the part. When executing programs for parts like blades, the robot selects proper gripper from tool magazine, picks up parts from load fixtures on 180 degree indexer, and processes them on two 5HP wheel spindles, one 1/2HP smaller wheel spindle, and high speed bur bit spindle. All spindles are equipped with compliance devices for easier programming. Round parts like compressor disks are picked up from load nests and can be processed on the same spindles as smaller parts. These parts are then loaded on rotary table with 3-jaw chuck and robot processes them using tools such as high speed bur bit spindle and auto collet electric spindle. The auto collet allows robot to use abrasives such as bits, wheels, and brushes, mounted on simple arbors and staged in docking nests inside tool magazine. Round parts can be continuously rotated on table or precisely positioned for processing of features like dovetail slots holes or notches

  • Robotic arm (50-80 kg) with tool change adapter
  • Tool magazine with grippers, spindles, abrasive media arbors docking nests
  • Two 5HP wheel spindles with linear compliance
  • One stationary high speed bur spindle with 360 degree compliance
  • One smaller (1/2HP) wheel spindle with radial compliance
  • Smaller parts load/unload 180 degree indexer
  • Rotary table with 3-jaw chuck for round parts
  • Gripper assemblies
  • 2-jaw and 3-jaw grippers are available
  • Round parts locating sensor tool assembly
  • 10 abrasive media arbors and docking nests
  • 3 round parts load/unload nests
  • One high speed spindle tool assembly
  • One 1/2HP spindle with auto collet tool assembly
  • Dust collection system
  • ACTView HMI interface on teach pendant screen

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