Masking and Dispensing Photos

 Blade Polymer Masking

Cooling Hole Polymer Masking

DISP3-TBL3 is a robotic masking and dispensing cell designed to handle parts up to 24 inches in length up to 50 lbs such as turbine blades. Operations performed include:
  • Polymer masking cooling holes
  • UV light curing
  • Pin-Check inspection
  • Eddy current inspection
  • Fluorescent polymer
  • Vision inspection of fluorescent polymer

  •  Dispensing Valve Tool

    This tool allows for accurate dispensing of polymers from standard pre-filled syringes. Standard needles are trapped in precision mounting bracket for accurate and consistent placement. The rate of dispensing as well as 'suck-back' amount are adjustable. Complete tool assembly includes dispensing valve and tool changer.

     UV Light Curing Tool

    The UV light curing tool assembly may is picked up by the robot and guided through curing path for accurate and consistent exposure of the polymer.

     Eddy Current Inspection Probe

    This tool is moved by the robot and placed at programmed inspection points for coating thickness measurements.