Masking and Dispensing Machines Photos

 17291 - Dispensing, Laminate Molding, Rotary Indexer Cell

ACT-17291 is a dispensing and laminate molding machine based on a 3-position indexer. The process starts with operator loading part to be laminated in fixtures on indexer in position 1. Upon program start, polymer is dispensed using 3-axis gantry in programmed pattern. This gantry dispensing station is equipped with two dispensing valves allowing different needle sizes or 2 different polymers to be used. Motion path can be programmed using individual target editing or can be derived from CAD.

Once polymer(s) are dispensed on the part or mold, operator places overlay to be molded and activates process continuation which rotates part to next station where floating roller presses down on the laminate and moves across it, squeezing it to distribute the polymer evenly. Next part is indexed into UV station where polymer is cured using ultra-violet light. Finished part comes back to operator position where it is unloaded. Any process parameters can be adjusted on touch screen interface.

  • 3-position rotary indexer with I/O network, air and power fed to top plate allowing continuous rotation/indexing.
  • X-Y-Z gantry dispensing station with two valves
  • Polymer cartridge and pressure tank
  • Roller press station with programmable press-down force and 1-axis motion
  • UV curing station
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Enclosure and base

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 18294 - Portable Dispensing and Masking Cell

ACT-18294 is a portable robotic dispensing and masking cell for small components like aerospace blades or surgical implants, requiring complex manipulation to mask specific part features or areas. Robot arm picks up parts from load fixtures using its gripper and effector, and manipulates them at the dispensing and/or spray nozzle while polymer is applied as programmed. Next, part is cured by articulating it under UV lamp. Finished part is dropped off at unload area.

  • Robot arm (3-6 kg) with tool change adapter
  • Bead dispensing and/or spray valve with controller
  • Cartridge or pressure tank polymer supply system
  • UV curing station
  • Tool storage with 2 gripper tools
  • Enclosure and base
  • Static part load area
  • ACTView HMI
  • Options

  • Part load drawer
  • Offline programming software with virtual cell calibrated to the real one
  • Vision system for measuring/inspecting parts and offsetting for deformation

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