Manufacturing Applications Photos

 Adjustable Wrench Grinding

Cresent wrench finishing Robotic Cell

 Wrench Grinding and Polish

Wrench finishing Robotic Cell

 Plier Grinding and Polishing Cell

Up to 120 pliers can be staged on fixtures positioned on 180 degree indexer. Laser scanner is used for part shape variations resulting in precision grinding of every piece. Process includes the following operations: face grinding, sides rounding, grinding of gash and corners.

Custom software allows of pressure, speed, and position offsets to be automatically changed thus extending the belt life all while subsequently reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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 Impeller Grinding Cell

Marine propeller leading and trailing edge grinding. Parts are staged on 180 degree indexing table for long unattended run. Grinding is accomplished by utilizing contact wheels, slack of the belt and custom designed platens.

 Kettle Grinding and Buffing

Automatic media exchange, automatic part size up,part verification, and many other features have been employed in order to create a precise and streamlined automated process of grinding both copper and non copper kettles. After the part has reached specifications, subsequent vacuum and buffing processes are employed to clean and finish the product.

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