End Of Arm: Tools Photos

 BGT001-13800AR Reversing Belt Tool (BGT001-13800AR-RC-TC shown in picture)

BGT001-13800AR belt sanding tool was designed to be mounted on the robotic tool changer adapter. The unit is handled by a robotic arm to access hard to reach areas. It's a precision tool assembly that can accomodate dynabrade style arms as well as custom attachments.
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  • Powered by an air driven motor
  • Reversing model w/belt speeds of 13,500 RPM.
  • Non-Reversing model w/belt speeds of 21,500 RPM
  • Belt widths up to 1/2 inch and lengths of 24 inch (depending on front arm)
  • Belt tensioner easily released for belt changes.
  • Broken belt and rotation sensors
  • Belt stretch take-up in the back of the tool resulting in precise and unchanged front contact wheel position
  • Abrasive and woven belts can be used
  • Fixed belt guide eliminates the need for tracking adjustments
  • Full tool assembly includes; tool changer, sensor termination and connectors and generic/starter front arm
  • Rotary compliance
  • Electronically controlled compliance pressure regulator
  • Other front arms of various configurations available including; straight arm belts, angled arms, shoe-shine style arms and more.
  • Setup and belt change-over station that allows tool assembly to be locked, compliance pressurized and tool to run
  • Compliance setup reference fixture and setup gauges.

 SP00AC-SR12000 Servo Auto Collet Tool

SP00AC-SR12000 is a closed loop servo driven pneumatically activated collet tool that allows for automatic media change. The tool can be equipped with 1/8" or 1/4" collet and combined with media staging nests has the capacity to automatically change worn wheels, brushes, deburring bits, and other finishing media.

  • Electronic speed control from 0 to 12,000 RPM
  • Constant torque of 1.3 Nm within the entire speed range.
  • Driven by closed look maintenance free brushless servo motor
  • Air release collet
  • Servo drives
  • Wheel arbors and staging nests
  • Rotary compliance device
  • Tool change adapter