Manual Grinding Station with Rotary File/Reamer Photos

 ACT-AIOG-19306: All-In-One Manual Grinder

ACT-AIOG-19306 is a heavy duty 2-wheel manual grinder with optional torque controlled rotary file/drill. It meets or exceeds OSHA safety requirements with features such 1/4” thick spindle guards, adjustable work rest plates, 1/4” thick adjustable spark tongue guard, wheel shaft and nut end caps, emergency stop, VFD with dynamic brake resistor. Wheel speeds can be set for each side and quickly switched with a selector switch. This allows different wheel types to be used such as cutoff and stone.

  • 7.5 HP Variable Speed
  • Speed range: 500-3500 RPM with VFD
  • Wheel Size Up to 20" x 2" x 10"
  • START, STOP, ESTOP buttons
  • Fault signal indicators
  • Standard voltage 240 VAC, 3ph
  • Other voltages available on request
  • Optional: Rotary file/reamer/drill station with torque control for safety
  • Optional: PLC controls and networking

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